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Jawahar Nagar

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Notification Description Content
 01Auction/GM/APRSCL/Vetapalem/Disposal of Vacant Plots at HARIVILLU TOWNSHIP at /Nayunapalli (V), Vetapalem (M), Prakasam District pertaining to A.P. Rajiv Swagruha Corporation Ltd on ĎAS IS WHERE IS BASISí through Tender cum Open Auction. Auction Notification proposals of PKSM 07.03.2018.pdf   
2/Auction/GM/APRSCL/SrikakulamDisposal of Vacant Plots in ANAMITRA TOWNSHIP S.M. Puram (V), Etcherla mandal Srikakulam District on Ďas is where isí condition through Tender cum Open Auction Auction Notification of SKLM for 10 Plots(19.03.2018).pdf   
1/Auction/KNL/GM/APRSCL/2018Disposal of Developed Plots at B.Thandrapadu in Kurnool District pertaining to A.P. Rajiv Swagruha Corporation Ltd on ďAS IS WHERE IS BASIS ď through Tender cum Open Auction Auction_Notification_proposals_kurnool_05.03.2018.pdf   
AUCTIONNOTIFICATIONDispose Developed plots in Anandnilaya Township Rayachoti & Srinilaya Township , Rajampet colonies in Kadapa District on ďas is where is ď condition through Tender cum Open Auction. Auction_Notification_ proposals_Kadapa_19.03.2018.pdf   
TSRSCL/HYD/Adilabad/OpenAuctioAdilabad Project-Open Auction to Dispose the Balance Plots-Terms and Conditions Adilabad Terms & conditions 18-07-2016.pdf   
APRSCL/HYD/Kakinada/e auctionLand parcel e-auction @Chollangi (V)TALLAREVU (M)Kakinada stc for Kakinada e auction 15239.pdf   
APRSCL/HYD/YANDADA/e auctionE- auction for sale of Semi-finished HousingProject @ ADRAJA - Township as on 21.03.2014 stc for Yendada e auction 15268.pdf   
APRSCL/e auction/HYD/ThattiannLand parcel e-auction @ Thattiannaram on 20.03.2014 STC for Thattiannaram hayathnagar.pdf   
APRSCL/e auction/HYD/KurmalgudLand parcel e-auction @ Kurmalguda (V) Saroornagar (M) STC for Kurmalguda Saroornagar (MOD).pdf   
APRSCL/e auction/HYD/BadangpetLand parcel e-auction @ Badangpet (V) Saroornagar (M) 14319 stc Badangpet Saroornagar(MOD).pdf   
Kakinada /Ph-I/Open Plot/Sale Sale of Semi Finished Open Plots @ Chollangi (V)TALLAREVU (M)Kakinada SALE NOTICE for semi finished plots @KAKINADA.pdf   
APRSCL/e auction/HYD/MallaramYemjal Land parcel e-auction @ Mallaram(V) Nizamabad(D). STC for e Auction @ Mallaram.pdf   
APRSCL/e auction/HYD/T Yemjal Land parcel e-auction.@ .@ TURKAYEMJAL(V), HAYATHNAGAR 07 .03.2014 STC for Turkayemjal 14322.pdf   
APRSCL/MSTC/HYD/T YEMJAL/eauctLand parcel e-auction.@ TURKAYEMJAL(V), HAYATHNAGAR 04.03.2014 stc TURKAYEMJAL14176.pdf   
Undertakinf formUndertaking-Adilabad UNDERTAKING-Adilabad.pdf   
APRSCL/MSTC/HYD/BhPally/e auctLand parcel e-auction.@ Bahadurpally on 28.02.2014 STC for Bahadur pally 13967.pdf   
APRSCL/MSTC/HYD/YANDADA/e auctE- auction for sale of Semi-finished Housing @Project ADRAJA - Township e-auction @ yandada on 25.02.2014.pdf   
APRSCL/e auction/HYD/TANDUR/land parcel e-auction.@ KOKAT(V),Tandur e-Auction @Tandur on 21.02.2014(SPL T&C).pdf   
APRSSCL/open plots/KarimnagarSemideveloped plots at Karimnagar spl t & c Karimnagar notification for sale of open plots (14.02.2014).doc   
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